Integrity for Legacy Ministries International


Building Christ’s Ideal World

Welcome to Integrity for Legacy Ministries International Trust (aka ILMI), an itinerary ministry, providing a transformational message to church, corporate and community.

The Essence of ILMI: Loving God, Loving People!

Our Mission

ILMI’s mission is serving the kingdom of God through the establishment of convenient services and mobilisation of resources in alleviating people’s daily challenges.

Serving God’s Kingdom

Our Vision

ILMI’s vision is to provide Christ-Centred Solutions that positively impact generations today for tomorrow. ILMI is service focused engaging, encouraging and empowering the individual to walk in integrity in all spheres of life. ILMI believes in positively influencing man’s thinking resulting in a desirable way of living.

Motto “Impacting a person, changing a nation, influencing a continent”

Our Approach

ILMI’s approach is unapologetically based on Christ-Centred researched principles. ILMI as an entity is mandated to influence, expose and impact people through conferences, seminars and meetings where people are equipped, empowered and emancipated for successful living by mentors, agent changers, teachers, transformational leaders and motivators.

ILMI looks to minister solutions to every facet of life that impacts the make up of a person.




Impacting a person, changing a nation, influencing a continent.

In support of ILMI’s mandate of walking in integrity, the ministry has strategic relationship with qualified, equipped and experience ministers, professionals, and seasoned personnel to assist in achieving its mandate.

The essence of ILMI is …

Loving God, Loving People!