Integrity for Legacy Ministries International


ILMI is developing its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects to meet the growing needs of under-privileged and disadvantaged communities. ILMI partners with socially responsible citizens to help support its CSI projects. ILMI team up with individuals, churches, corporate and communities to help meet these needs. ILMI works on the premises of partnership, being ‘two hands are better than one.’

ILMI also links with NGOs, schools and community developing entities. Initiatives to help is determined by the nature of the need, for example it could be but not limited to providing food and repair services to an orphanage and or school.

ILMI is leading an initiative to motivate society at large to partner with a compelling vision to serve those who are in need. This responsibility goes beyond the call of duty for anyone wanting to lend a hand. ILMI in future will also look to working with volunteer programmes; in this respect ILMI would be keen to discuss CSI projects. Please contact ILMI; “together we can positively impact our communities”.